Welcome to the SecretNewCo website! We're a small, passionate team of experienced game development veterans, located in Baltimore, Maryland, who are excited about the rise of touchscreen platforms. Founded in March of 2013 by Brian Reynolds ( Civilization II, Rise of Nations, FrontierVille)and his gang of longtime collaborators, SecretNewCo is dedicated to "Finding The Fun" with rapid prototyping and a focus on a great user experience.

In July 2013 , we announced our partnership with Nexon and the development of our first game, with the working title of SecretNewGame. In SecretNewGame, players begin as the leader of a tribe in the Stone Age, and must guide their civilization through all the ages of human history. Along the way, players can form alliances, trade with their friends, launch raids on their enemies, and defend against attacks from other players.

We are always happy to talk with crack programmers who are interested in a unique opportunity that is well-funded, entrepreneurial, and focused on building a great culture. We're committed to hiring only ninjas in every slot. For more information, drop us a line at ...

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